Council Capital

The Unique Value of the CEO Council

Hear from some of our portfolio companies and CEO Council members about what the Council means to them.

Dr. Steve Liu, Ingenious Med

"Having a partner that really understands your organization and helps you understand the healthcare environment to that degree is absolutely critical for our success."

Dennis C Bottorff, Council Capital

"When we first talked about Council, what enthused me about it was the opportunity to help companies start and grow and become major organizations."

Mark Gilreath, EndoChoice

"Our partners at Council Capital are truly gifted in the area of corporate strategy, especially as it applies to healthcare challenges."

Jim Balkcom, CEO Council

"Council Capital understands the people issues, the process issues, and the strategic issues. They don't just focus on the numbers."

Mike Walsh, TMG Gases

"The most impressive thing with Council Capital is the quality of the people you work with. Throughout the organization it's strong, passionate, performance-oriented people."

Donald B. Taylor, CEO Council

"One of the unique strengths I think of Council Capital is that the group--not only the folks who run Council Capital but the CEO Council as well--are  company builders."

John Baackes, Senior Whole Health

"The CEO Council provides us with bench strength that other investors don’t have."