ATLANTAJan. 7, 2015 — EndoChoice® today announced it has fulfilled customer orders for the newly released second generation Fuse system. The features and functions incorporated in the new design include 4K Ultra HD monitors, advancements in the FuseBox®, and the StrataFlex™ technology.

Capitalizing on recent advancements in video technology, 4K Ultra HD monitors provide a sharper, clearer image boosted by almost 8 million pixels. Now the three cameras in the Fuse colonoscope can be projected on one, wide-screen, 4K monitor and customers can choose from a variety of sizes up to 65″.

The FuseBox now includes software and hardware changes to simplify use for doctors, nurses and technicians while Strataflex represents new performance enhancing technology to improve the handling of the endoscope during procedures. The company proceeded with the release of the second generation system after very positive feedback from clinicians participating in early market tests and the recent successful launch of the world’s only slim colonoscope incorporating three cameras.

“The new Fuse system enables us to have a wider view of the anatomy, and the changes from the first generation are significant to my practice,” said Asher Kornbluth, MD Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. “I find the wider view is particularly important in performing surveillance in patients who present with dysplastic lesions that are nearly flat and often hard to detect.”

Fuse colonoscopes and gastroscopes are unique compared to all other endoscopy systems used by doctors to examine the gastrointestinal tract as they have multiple cameras to provide a 330 degree panoramic field of view during colonoscopy and a 245 degree field of view during upper endoscopy.

“The Fuse platform enables doctors to see more anatomy so they can find more lesions,” said Mark Gilreath, Founder and CEO at EndoChoice. “Now the performance is even better. The second generation Fuse technology is an impressive R&D achievement, providing the GI caregiver the world’s most advanced endoscopy system.”

About EndoChoice

Based in Atlanta GA, EndoChoice is a medtech company focused on the manufacturing and commercialization of platform technologies including endoscopic imaging, diagnostics, devices and infection control and for specialists treating a wide range of gastrointestinal diseases. EndoChoice leverages its direct sales organization to serve more than 2,500 customers in the United States and works with more than 25 distribution partners world-wide. The Company was founded in 2008 and has rapidly developed a proprietary product portfolio, which includes the revolutionary Full Spectrum Endoscopy System (Fuse). 2014 marked the fifth consecutive year EndoChoice was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine. To learn more, visit

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