Council Capital

CEO Council Business Model

Unique Model Drives Value Creation for Portfolio Companies

The CEO Council business model is Council Capital’s distinct value proposition to portfolio companies and the key element in the operator-oriented structure of the firm. This unique model gives companies access to the networks and expertise of the 34 members of the CEO Council and our strategic investors who have committed over $120 million to Council Capital funds. Collectively, the CEO Council members have over 430 years of experience as President/CEO of more than 60 companies and have held more than 130 board seats.

  • Three Pillars of CEO Council – A Unique Business Model in Private Equity
  1. 1. Proven company builders ⇒ collectively created more than $30B of shareholder value as President/CEO
  2. 2. Critical mass ⇒ 34 CEO Council members provide breadth and depth of experience to model
  3. 3. Substantial investment ⇒ typical individual investment of $1M+ each ensures commitment to Council’s success
  • Our CEO Council Business Model supports the growth of our portfolio companies, making them more valuable than they would be without our involvement


Through its strategic investors and CEO Council members, the firm has direct relationships with:

  • Health plans representing approximately 50% of the managed care lives in the U.S. (excluding people insured directly by the government)
  • Hospital systems representing more than 50% of the for-profit healthcare beds in the U.S.


Below is a representative list of companies where CEO Council members have held senior executive positions or that are strategic investors in Council Capital: