Investing in the Right Side of Healthcare Change

Our mission is to be the best healthcare private equity firm. This means:

Being the partner of choice for entrepreneurs
Having a reputation for supporting and growing exceptional healthcare companies
Generating excellent returns

Healthcare is the largest industry in the US, and it’s growing at twice the rate of GDP – creating tremendous pressure for industry improvements.

Nashville is the center of U.S. Healthcare and is home to more than 400 healthcare companies that account for more than $70 billion of revenue and employ more than 400,000 people.

Our goal is to ensure every investment we make is on the right side of change in healthcare – supporting companies that improve the healthcare system and who will help accelerate the shift from volume of service to value. While change is often slow and unpredictable, we seek investments that perform well in the current environment and will thrive as the pace of change accelerates.


Our Investment Strategy

We invest in companies positioned for rapid growth that operate in excellent markets within healthcare. Our focused approach targets companies that will benefit most from our relationships and expertise.

Healthcare Focused

Within the larger healthcare ecosystem, we focus on healthcare services and healthcare IT, which our CEO Council Model is specifically designed for.

We target well-performing companies on the “right side of change” that:

  • Expand access & increase quality
  • Improve patient experience
  • Reduce costs

Investment Criteria

We invest in companies that have the ability to grow rapidly and in a capital efficient manner through a combination of organic growth and thoughtful acquisitions.

Attributes include:

  • $5-50m in revenue, generally up to $15m in EBITDA (operating profit)
  • Add-on acquisitions: Greater than $1 million in revenue. No minimum EBITDA (operating profit) requirements
  • $10-75m in enterprise (company) value
  • Majority and minority transactions

Supporting Entrepreneurs

We respect entrepreneurs, and we’re committed to providing them with capital and the right support, when and where they want and need it. We’ve built our team and the CEO Council business model for this purpose.

Business Impact

  • Revenue
  • Operations & Technology
  • Board Governance
  • Finance/M&A

Relationship Impact

  • CEO Personal Growth
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Thoughtful Capital
  • Alignment
  • Team Support
Why Council

Our Principles Set Us Apart

Our culture and values, including that of the CEO Council, is defined by a highly collaborative approach to investing and an open, honest dialogue.

Authentic Relationships

We seek to foster relationships that are transparent and honest, using bi-directional dialogue that is proactive and focused on solutions.

Performance Driven

Our team is results-oriented, with strong track records of operating in and investing in rapidly growing healthcare businesses.

Passion For Company Building

Our extended team of investors and CEO Council members have a deep desire and commitment to building great companies that make healthcare better

The Best People

We strive to hire the best and brightest, with a strong work ethic, lifelong love of learning, humility, desire for truth and an expectation of excellence.

Personal Growth

We pledge to support people's goals and aspirations. This includes the health and well-being of each individual and their families, as well as career and personal development.


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