Value Creation


Entrepreneurs are attracted to our extensive, close relationships with people that represent prospective healthcare clients or partners who could be valuable in directly growing their business. Beyond this, they enjoy support and realize significant value in many other ways.

Explore the areas most important to you below.

Business Impact


Council Capital has helped us move from fast growth to explosive growth by being a phenomenal strategic advisor, as well as helping us gain access to C-suite executives at many prestigious healthcare organizations. Hart Williford |
ResultsCouncil facilitated more than 35 introductions to potential customers and key industry influencers, which helped Ingenious Med quadruple revenue in 3.5 years.

Operations & Technology

Rob Berling played a key role in helping us architect and successfully implement our new technology platform. Mike Walsh |
ResultsBuilding a new IT system was a requirement for the next phase of growth and an important driver of value creation in the business model. CEO Council involvement prevented the project from failing.

Finance / M&A

Council Capital has managed our entire M&A effort, from identifying the right targets to consummating deals and then bringing in a Council Shared Portfolio Executive to temporarily support improving the finance function – we work seamlessly together as one team. That’s part of why I have worked with the Council team several times. Chris Bennett |
ResultsCouncil’s business development team found the original platform company to invest in and is systematically executing an acquisition strategy focused on high priority markets of interest.


Prior to even becoming a partner, Council Capital truly understood our vision as a company and, after becoming an integral part of our team, have enabled us to expand that vision. Hart Williford |
ResultsTom Givens helped the company focus on becoming a patient encounter platform, significantly broadening the market opportunity for the company.

Board Governance

Everyone on the EVault board would agree it was the best board they have ever been on. Jim Balkcom and Chip Lacy were instrumental in our success with EVault, and they were a pleasure to work with. Phil Gilmour |
ResultsCEO Council members helped mentor a first-time CEO and were integrally involved in supporting the CEO in setting the strategic direction of the business, which grew revenue by more than 20x in less than five years.

Relationship Impact

CEO Personal Growth

As a company grows and evolves, the leadership requirements also change. Council has supported me in my personal growth journey to help me be the best leader I can be. Saurabh Sinha |


Unlike most PE firms, Council wanted me as a founder to keep significant ownership in the company, so that I can participate in and share in the value we create together. Dr. Sue Cary |

Thoughtful Capital

Like many of Council’s Portfolio CEOs, we have known and partnered with the Council Capital team for nearly a decade across multiple companies. Part of the reason we continue to work with Council is because they focus on maximizing everyone’s returns, and understand how value gets created, sustained and managed over time Dr. Kenneth Hannigan |

Industry Knowledge

The relationships that Council Capital can bring to bear to help our business are unparalleled. This spans a broad range of areas from evaluating entering a new state to interfacing with regulators on policy trends or sitting down with health plans to find win-win solutions. Mark Lashley |

Team Development

I chose to partner with the Council Capital team for a second time for many reasons and they have delivered well beyond my expectations. For example, Council gave me access to a myriad of resources to help grow the company, including rapidly finding and attracting several important senior executives. Howie Lewin |

Pillars of the CEO Council Model

  • Proven Company Builders

    Our CEO Council Members:

    • Are career company builders and recognized thought leaders within healthcare
    • Have created shareholder value of approximately $20 billion as President or CEO
  • Critical Mass

    Having 34 CEO Council Members:

    • Constitutes the critical mass essential for connecting our portfolio companies to the right people within the vast healthcare industry
    • Provides a broad and deep set of industry and functional expertise
  • Substantial Investment

    • Collectively the CEO Council Members have invested over $120 million in Council Capital funds
    • Individual CEO Council Members typically invest at least $1 million
    • This gives each CEO Council Member a significant personal stake in the success of your business

A Unique Business Model in Private Equity

Our business model is our distinct value proposition to portfolio companies and the key element in the operator-oriented structure of the firm.

34 CEO Council Members

  • $120 million committed capital
  • >$20 billion in value created by members as President or CEO
  • 130+ board seats

Extensive Healthcare & Company-Building Experience

Our CEO Council Members have deep experience across all sectors of the healthcare delivery system. Additionally, they are experienced in all facets of business, including:

  1. Business capabilities such as revenue generation, strategy, operations and technology, board governance, and finance/M&A
  2. Relationship capabilities such as supporting a CEO’s personal growth, and the development of his/her team, as well as bringing industry connections.
  3. The CEO Council is supported by an investment team who ensures alignment between parties and a thoughtful capital strategy.

Extensive U.S. Healthcare Network with relationships that represent:

  1. ~50% of the managed care lives under management (health plan)
  2. >50% of the for-profit hospital systems (based on beds)
  3. Many of the largest non-profit hospital systems
  4. The leading behavioral health companies
  5. Federal and State Governmental entities

CEO Council Model Results

Two of our portfolio companies have previously been named the No. 1 fastest growing private healthcare company according to Inc. 5000’s annual ranking

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