Council Capital

Investment Strategy

Council Capital invests in growth and early-growth stage companies on the right side of change in healthcare. Companies at this stage are beyond technology risk, have demonstrated significant market demand and face the execution risk associated with rapid growth. Revenues are generally between $5 million and $50 million; some are profitable, some are not. This focus overlaps with our CEO Council’s impressive ability and passionate commitment to assist in the rapid growth and value creation of healthcare companies.

We are looking for:

Healthcare companies on the right side of change. Our deep operational acumen and extensive network of resources in healthcare have proven invaluable to our portfolio companies as they seek to accelerate their growth profitably.

Excellent management teams who value the Council approach. We seek teams who want the unique value we can provide through the CEO Council. We firmly believe that the best people make the crucial difference between success and failure. We are committed to finding excellent entrepreneurs who want to partner with our CEO Council of experienced company builders. As strong partners, we support entrepreneurs as they build valuable companies.

Proven models. We target companies with a proven product or service. For us, this means current momentum and evidence of sustainable scalability; a clear customer value proposition; verifiable, attractive unit economics; low concept risk; and a high percentage of recurring revenue and high capital efficiency.

High growth. We invest in small, high growth companies below the competitive part of the middle market and above the high risk early stage venture capital market where the business risk is greatest. These target companies generally have growth rates of greater than 20% and current revenues of $5 million to $50 million.

Flexible deal structures. We focus on finding the right company situation, and then we collaborate with the entrepreneur to determine the appropriate deal structure. As a result our investments can be in the form of growth equity, a partial recapitalization, a buyout or can be used for acquisitions.