Senior Whole Health

Health Plan for Dual-Eligible Patients

Senior Whole Health is a fully integrated dual-eligible special needs plan (FIDSNP) offering intensive care-management services for Medicaid and Medicare dual-eligible seniors. The company’s comprehensive approach to care coordination saves significant costs by reducing nursing home and hospital admissions, while improving outcomes.

Senior Whole Health was experiencing rapid growth when Council invested and was in the process of building out important components of its delivery capabilities, such as its hospital network, at that time. The company was also beginning to build awareness among Medicaid programs and state and federal legislatures for its success in reducing costs and improving outcomes through better care coordination.

Council Impact
Council was instrumental in connecting Senior Whole Health with health systems that became important members of the company’s care delivery infrastructure and provided a significant competitive advantage to the company over other special needs plans. Council also introduced Senior Whole Health to key members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate for continued dialogue on policy processes related to caring for dual eligibles. In addition, Council facilitated conversations with equity analysts that helped the company better understand the competitive landscape and with larger managed care organizations and other healthcare organizations to explore partnership opportunities.