Are you finding the countless COVID-19 emails to be either a) too broad and generic to be helpful or b) helpful in a very specific niche but lacking a holistic perspective? We did, which is why Council’s Value Creation team partnered with our portfolio companies to create COVID-19 response teams and introduced a uniquely comprehensive business response guide. Committed to helping the global community navigate this crisis, we encourage you to utilize our Comprehensive COVID-19 Response Guide at your business.

Download the Full Guide Here

At Council Capital, our mission is to invest in businesses on the ‘right side of change’ in healthcare, and we are deeply committed to improving the healthcare system and the lives of those who interact with it. In that spirit, we have an obligation to our families, employees, patients/customers, and society to respond swiftly and appropriately. We hope this resource helps you and your business to better serve your customers and patients.

Over-prepare, but don’t over-react. Most importantly, stay safe.




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