Council Capital, a Nashville-based healthcare private equity firm that utilizes its unique CEO Council business model to attract leading management teams and portfolio companies, has named today the 34 members of the Fund III CEO Council, a differentiated operator-oriented business model available to Council Capital portfolio companies. In conjunction with the recent close of its third private equity fund (“Fund III”), Council Capital has added 16 new members to this exclusive group of industry-leading CEOs.

The CEO Council is Council Capital’s distinct value proposition to portfolio companies and the key element in the operator-oriented structure of the firm. This unique model gives companies access to the networks and expertise of top-tier CEOs who have committed over $110 million to Council Capital funds and have created over $30 billion of shareholder value as president or CEO of more than 60 companies.

“Our CEO Council business model is a tremendous value-added resource available to all of our portfolio companies,” said Grant Jackson, Council Capital’s managing partner. “As part of the application of the model, we carefully select and engage members who we believe will have the greatest impact on enhancing the already successful track records of our portfolio companies. We also seek out investment opportunities that are well positioned to materially increase in value from the relationships and expertise of the 34 members of the CEO Council and our strategic healthcare investors.”

With the addition of 16 new members as part of the closing of Fund III, Council Capital has strengthened the CEO Council in a number of key areas, bringing to bear a high caliber group of proven company builders with a broad range of experience and capabilities. For example, through its strategic healthcare investors and CEO Council members, the firm has direct relationships with:

  • Health plans representing more than 50% of the insured lives in the U.S. (excluding people insured directly by the government)
  • Hospital systems representing more than 50% of the for-profit healthcare beds in the U.S.

“Serving as a member of the CEO Council has been a rewarding experience,” said Curt Thorne, former CEO of MedSolutions, Inc. “The other members and myself have years of experience in a variety of areas within the healthcare industry and are honored to be able to share our expertise to help accelerate the growth of Council’s portfolio companies. We are here to help in a variety of ways whether that is serving as a board member, assisting with industry relationships, or advising on operations – we are invested in helping these promising companies refine and realize their vision.”

Collectively, the CEO Council members have over 430 years of experience as President/CEO and have held more than 130 board seats. A sampling of new CEO Council members include: Larry Connolly, Connolly LLC; Terri Kline, HCSC; Gene Fleming, Cogent Healthcare; Joanne Bauer, Kimberly-Clark Healthcare; and Joey Jacobs, Acadia Healthcare.

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about council capital

Council Capital is a Nashville-based healthcare private equity firm with approximately $300 million of capital under management that utilizes its unique CEO Council business model to attract leading management teams and portfolio companies. Council makes control and minority investments in fast-growing healthcare companies, targeting companies with enterprise values between $10-50 million. The proceeds from our investments are used to provide shareholder liquidity or to fund key growth initiatives, including organic growth or acquisitions. The firm seeks investments on the “right side of change” in healthcare where growth will accelerate as cost pressure and quality demands increase. The investment team targets companies with strong management, differentiated and proven business models and potential for substantial future growth.  Council Capital has a longstanding history of successfully partnering with healthcare companies that will benefit from its CEO Council business model, a distinct value proposition that offers exclusive access to a top-tier group of 34 industry-leading CEOs and several strategic healthcare investors. Council Capital’s strategy involves utilizing their extensive healthcare operating and transaction experience, strategic resources and industry relationships to drive enhanced long-term growth and increased value for exceptional healthcare companies. For more details, please visit our website at

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