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Right Side of Change in Healthcare

Healthcare is the largest industry in the United States, and it is growing at twice the rate of GDP. This unsustainable growth is resulting in unprecedented pressure on the healthcare industry to improve.

As part of the drive to improve the system, Council seeks investments on the right side of change in healthcare. This means supporting the growth of companies that reduce cost while improving quality in the healthcare system, emphasizing the shift from volume of service to value. However, because the pace of change is often slow and sometimes unpredictable, we focus on investments that can perform well in the current environment and excel as the pace of change quickens.

Our desire to improve the healthcare system is not only because it is an attractive market for investment, but also because it is an important strategic national imperative. Healthcare is a market we know well due to the capabilities of our management team and CEO Council, as well as our strategic location in Nashville. Learn more about the prominent role Nashville plays in the global healthcare industry.


Current Healthcare Investments

Adva-Net is a workers’ compensation network management company. Specifically, Adva-Net actively manages the cost and quality of pain treatments and post-acute care for workers’ compensation patients for payers including insurance companies, intermediaries and self-insured employers. The company achieves this by building networks of providers and monitoring their clinical quality on behalf of payers. Adva-Net also receives discounts from providers in exchange for driving volume to them.

Caregiver is a leading provider of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

emids provides Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to the healthcare industry. emids offers a complete range of services by leveraging focused healthcare domain expertise, a strong global delivery methodology and partnerships with leading technology providers. emids’s mission is to provide high quality and cost optimized services to the healthcare universe.

EspriGas is a full-service supply chain management company that is focused primarily on packaged medical and industrial gases.  The company leverages its national buying power to provide supply chain programs that improve quality, operational flexibility, and the bottom line for its customers. Collectively, EspriGas’ customer base comprises over 9,000 locations in all 50 states. 

 NuScriptRX is a mail order institutional pharmacy. The company uses just-in-time delivery and on-site automated dispensing to provide timely, cost effective and safer medication administration processes to the long-term care industry, primarily skilled nursing facilities. NuScriptRX’s short cycle business model combines central pharmacy automation systems, local on-site systems and integrated internal and web-based software. This enables the company to provide a higher level of service, while saving customers money through a reduction in drug waste and improving safety.

REACH Health provides health systems with a clinically focused telemedicine services network. The company offers effective and affordable access to specialists, eliminating the geographic, time-of-day and other challenges associated with requiring a practice specialist to be on call 24/7. In medical emergencies such as stroke, REACH network hospitals get rapid access to a neurologist consultation in the emergency department. The improvement in time to diagnosis and treatment can have a dramatically positive impact on patient outcomes. Launched in 2006, REACH is being used in more than 150 hospitals, including some of the largest, most sophisticated hospital systems such as HCA and Ascension. 

Triad Learning Systems is a leading provider of test preparation and continuing education for licensed behavioral health professionals.


Previous Healthcare Investments

EndoChoice is a specialty medtech company delivering innovative solutions to professionals in gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy. The company was led by executives with experience from GI companies such as Given Imaging, Boston Scientific, C.R. Bard and Pentax Medical. EndoChoice increases physician practice revenues, improves the efficiency of the supply chain and provides lower-cost solutions across five main segments in GI: devices, supplies, equipment, pathology services and scope repair. In 2011, Inc. Magazine named EndoChoice the No. 6 fastest growing private healthcare company in the United States.

Acquired by Boston Scientific in 2016

Lancope, Inc. ®* is the leading provider of flow-based monitoring to ensure high-performing and secure networks for global enterprises. Unifying critical network performance and security information for borderless network visibility, Lancope provides actionable insight that reduces the time between problem onset and resolution. Enterprise customers worldwide, including healthcare, financial services, government and higher education institutions, rely on Lancope to make better network decisions and avoid costly outages and downtime.

Acquired by Cisco in 2015

Ingenious Med (IM) is a revenue cycle management software-as-a-service platform that enables physicians to capture charges, enhance documentation, improve quality of care, increase revenue and communicate electronically. IM automates the revenue and charge capture processes through both handheld and Internet-based applications. The solution aggregates data from the hospital information system and other sources, so individual physician and total department performance can be evaluated accurately. IM is being used by over 25,000 users in more than 900 facilities.

Acquired by North Bridge Growth Equity in October 2014

MEDSEEK provides web and mobile-based software and services for hospitals and health systems to strategically engage and manage patients. The Company delivers an enterprise-class solution to identify, attract, activate, and manage patients before, during, and after a clinical encounter. More than 1,000 hospitals across the U.S. and Canada use MEDSEEK's software.

Acquired by Silver Lake Sumeru and Essex Woodlands in May 2012

Benefit Informatics, Inc. enables the efficient planning, management and analysis of employee benefit plans. Services include an extensive system for predictive plan modeling, analytical tools for assessing benefit plan financial performance and the means for employers and individuals to manage benefits online while providing the information needed to make cost-effective benefit decisions. Easy-to-use solutions reduce administrative costs and pinpoint areas where utilization can be managed while increasing employee satisfaction.

Acquired by BenefitFocus in 2010

EVault, Inc.* is an expert in secure online backup and recovery solutions, primarily to the healthcare industry. Reliable data protection is a critical element of an organization’s business continuity program. EVault addresses the entire data protection lifecycle with the simplicity and flexibility of centralized or online backup, high availability for rapid recovery and email monitoring and archiving for regulatory compliance. More than 7,000 partners and customers – including CUSA Technologies, SunGard Availability Services, the American Heart Association and Sodexho – trust EVault software and managed services as the cornerstone of their data protection strategies.

Acquired by Seagate Technology, Inc. in 2006

NotifyMD, Inc. is the leading provider of contact center-based communication services for physicians. The company's client base consists of approximately 10,000 physicians that generate more than 80,000 unique patient encounters daily. NotifyMD has developed a proprietary product called WebMessenger that allows physicians and their office staff to retrieve message content securely over the Internet anytime, anywhere with the use of any wireless or desktop device.

Exited through recapitalization in 2009


Senior Whole Health is a fully integrated dual-eligible Special Needs Plan (FIDSNP) offering intensive care-management services for Medicaid and Medicare dual-eligible seniors in Massachusetts and New York. Its mission is to maximize members’ quality of life, health and security, and to help them live as independently as possible through comprehensive, community-based support and services. SWH is able to provide integrated care coordination of all healthcare benefits through a federal and state initiative. In 2008, Inc. Magazine named SWH the No. 1 fastest growing private company in the United States.

Acquired by TA Associates in 2011

*Primarily serving the health system market